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Major Health Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

Health Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

The word ‘Yoga’ was derived from ‘Yuj' which is a Sanskrit root means ‘to join' or ‘to unite'. Yoga is basically a group of practices that connects the mind, body, and spirit. It has been practised for thousands of years and was originated in ancient India. Yoga harmonizes the body, mind, and environment which is the elemental purpose of it. Nowadays yoga is well known and very popular all around the world. As it is a natural progression and does not have any negative impacts more people are shifting to yoga.

benefits of yoga

By practising yoga regularly, we can excavate various health benefits within the body. Here are some of them: -

  • Blood Pressure: yoga modestly reduces blood pressure by better circulation and oxygenation. Which also lowers the risk of heart attack and brain stroke.
  • Respiratory: while performing yoga, it decreases the respiratory rate through a combination of controlled breathing. It enables different limbs to work better.
  • Organs: yoga practice massages internal organs which improves the ability of the body to prevent diseases.
  • Immunity: yoga helps to reduce the level of stress hormones that compromise the immune system and boosts the immune system.
  • Metabolism: practising yoga regularly helps to maintain a healthy weight and to control hunger which creates a more efficient metabolism.
  • Aging: by simulating the detoxification process within the body yoga helps to delay aging.
  • Posture: through different body poses yoga helps to improve one’s body posture. Which will make that person feel more confident.
  • Strength: it takes a lot of strength to hold our body in a balanced pose. So, the regular practice of yoga will strengthen the muscles.
  • Weight: a yogi must have to stretch his limbs in order to practice yoga properly. Stretching burns the body fat and reduce weight.
  • Flexibility: yoga poses work by stretching muscles. Generally, people improved their flexibility by up to 35% after practising yoga for 8 weeks.
  • Stress reduction: balance yoga poses are very helpful to relieve stress and to reduce inner tension.
  • Anxiety: performing yoga regularly controls breathing which is very helpful to reduce anxiety.
  • Concentration: by meditation yoga helps us to increase our ability to concentrate and maintain the concentration level.
  • Self-control: it helps us to translate that self-control to all aspects of our life.
  • Positive outlook on life: regular practice of yoga balances the hormone levels and nervous system which gives a more stable and positive approach to life.
  • Memory: yoga increases blood circulation to the brain which helps to reduce stress and results in better memory.

In order to live our life to the fullest, yoga is promising free hand exercise with lots of health and mental benefits. In this current challenging situation raised by Covid-19 pandemic, all range of people suffering from mental stress, frustration and in many cases of depression. Here yoga can be a gateway from all of these distress situations with inner peace and good health condition.

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