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Pogamat Large Exercise Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

Whenever we buy a product, one thing, we always give attention this details – is warranty available or not? If available, limited years or lifetime. No doubt, we always have a trust on lifetime warranty product. Our priority is always to choose a product which will serve us a long time. But the problem is, lifetime warrants always demands a higher budget but, unfortunately your budget always doesn’t allow you that. So, warranty and budget don’t match always together. But, this time, the picture is different. Pogmat extra large exercise mat will give you this luxury. Pogamat xl Even being moderate price (under $60, the moment I am reviewing), it provides you a lifetime warranty. I find this feature quite cool. I believe, whenever a brand gives lifetime warranty, we have very good reason to trust the brand and their product. Now, you will get a brief overview of this extra large exercise Mat.

Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

Pogamat Large Exercise Mat Specific features Review:

  • Extra long, Extra Wide & Extra Thick: The measure of this High Density Mat is 84″ x 48″ x 1/4" Thick (7’x4′). It’s entirely perfect for the tallest yogis. Alex, a yogi, 7' 0" Tall, I asked him, (he is the tallest yogi in the studio and using pogamat) is pogamat xl accommodate him safely? The answer was positive, and he just replied, “For a man like me, it’s hard to find a large yoga mat, luckily it suits me perfectly, I love it.” Most importantly, you can use this yoga mat without or with shoes. Isn’t it great? It also offers 2X The Thickness than a traditional standard mat.

  • Workout yoga mat: This high-density mat designed with a Soft Texture which ensures that you get additional grip and comfort. Notably, the bottom part composed of an extra large Honeycomb Groove Anti-Slip Pad which used to provide you comfort and grip. Move on; it also reduces the impact on   Elbows, Wrists, Knees, and Hips. Also offers extra support and comfort whenever you need. You can safely try any of your favorite pose or Burpees. Another impressive feature is, you can use it on any surface, it could be, Tile Cement, Carpet, Grass, Hardwood, even in Sand. It’s the ultimate home gym flooring for any exercise. It’s thicker, larger, grippest, comfortable and supportive. I guess, it has all the qualities to be a good workout yoga mat.

  • Toxic free yoga Mat: This Toxic free yoga Mat designed of Non-Toxic Synthetic Materials to make you feel great. It is Free From any kind of Phthalates and Toxin. No Latex or Silicone. So, it’s perfectly suitable for environment and your body. You don’t need to worry about anything. It not only beneficial for your body, but also for the environment. Pogamat covers everything
Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

Advantages/Strong Points/Pros of Pogamat Extra Large Exercise Mat:

  •  Non flammable.

  • Strictly follow the Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Methods.
  • NO ODOR.

  • Versatile yoga mat.

  • Provides sufficient support and comfort.

  • Lifetime warranty.

  • Suitable to do any kind of physical activity like plyo, cardio body weight regimens or Pilates.

  • Easily can be used  the home.

  • High Density Anti-Tear Workout Mat.

  • No bunching
Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

Con/Weak Points:

  • It’s heavy. I guess it won’t be so travel-friendly for you. But I have an idea to mend this problem. Why don’t you try to carry with a mat strap? It would be helpful.

Caution: There could be A Short "Break-In" Period. Within time, it can become softer, and also the traction can increase.

Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

Overall Ideas:

Within mediocre price range, this high-density mat offers a lot of impressive features which I considered deserve appreciation. Honestly speaking, I really can’t expect something better within this price range. Pogamat xl really adds value to their products. The design of this Toxic free yoga Mat worth mentioning, superb strong construction, also offers great grip and stability, eco friendly and many more amazing features.

Overall, Pogamat Extra Large Exercise Mat could be an excellent choice for your yoga journey. Here I want to mention; the previous consumers are super happy with their purchase. It has a good consumer rating on everywhere. You can check it on online.

In my verdict, it will prove a good investment.

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