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Aurorae Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat

Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

Now it’s the time when I will go for a cheaper yoga mat. The mats I explored till now they are either a little expensive or moderates price. But now I decided to choose a yoga mat whose price is under $50. I understand it very well, people can’t always afford a high budget, particularly in the beginning level.  They always have the fear, does yoga fit them? So, yes, I understand your concern very well as I go through it. The decision is pretty hard for me. I have to choose a cheaper yoga mat, but I also have to make sure that the quality and majesty of this mat is worth trying. Trust me, I have to go through thousands of mats, several forums and numerous websites to choose the best one for you. And I finally go for Aurorae Classic.

Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

Aurorae Classic Extra Thick Yoga Mat Specific Features Review:

  • Size, Thickness, and Comfort: Aurorae classic thick yoga mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. I believe its perfect size for any individual and also provide enough space to perform your yoga poses. The thickness is ¼ inches, specially designed with memory foam to provide enough protection (with extra cushioning) you knees, joints and backs while stretching. Also provides extra comfort and enough balance to keep a tight grip. It will always keep you in place. More importantly, a new feature called a rising moon focal point icon supports you to focus and also defends you from slipping.

  • Durable and Multi Performance: This best extra thick yoga mat comes with a very durable material. It will serve for a long time if you maintain it regularly. This mat is completely perfect for any pose. Move on, this mat can be used for multi purposes. It can be stretching, Pilates or other workouts. It will support you in every exercise and will prove a helpful friend.

  • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat: Let me tell you an interesting fact about Aurorae brand. The brave person, who founded Aurorae, overcame cancer after a long struggle. He is a true-fighter, and made sure that Aurorae doesn’t use any kind of toxic material. During his fight with cancer to alive in this world, he enlightened, human body or earth should be free from any toxic material. I really appreciate his view and determination to provide natural products. So, Aurorae Classic yoga mat is Oeko-Tex tested and approved. You really can trust Aurorae on this issue. It’s free from any silicone, rubber, or Phthalates or latex.

  • Illuminating Colors: This best extra thick yoga mat comes with different eleven colors, more importantly, the design make it easy for you to use at night. The colors are royal plum, sea mist,, hope, infinity,, Cameroon green, crown, ruby red, , ocean, violet, earth, and midnight. So, you can pick from a variety of colors which I think is great. You don’t find such variety of colors in other yoga mat options. That’s why I am loving it so much Additionally, It will help you to concentrate.

Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

Advantages of Aurorae classic thick yoga mat:

Why Aurorae Classic could be a star in your tight budget deal?

  • Non Slip Rosin included in the deal
  • Relatively thin and firm grip.

  • 2 Year Guarantee.

  • Durable and Supportive.

  • Lightweight and odorless

  • Easy to care, you can give a look at my other reviews where I explored it extensively or the instruction of aurorae brand. I am sure you will find something useful.

  • Keeps you concentrated, no worries about slipping.

  • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

  • Provides stability and comfort.

  • Best extra thick yoga mat.

Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

Overall Ideas:

Well, we get a detailed overview of Aurorae classic thick yoga mat. And my verdict is, if I consider the price and quality, performance and features of Aurorae, then I dare to say, no brand can provide such a quality mat within this price range. It’s a win-win situation and definitely worth trying. And I urge you to take care of it properly. Even it gives 2 year warranty, but if you follow the instruction properly, trust me, it will be a supportive friend for a long time. So, I highly recommend it. But, of course, if you aren’t not on a tight budget, then manduka or jade fusion are a far better choice. I am just recommending it for a tight budget.

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