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Major Health Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

Health Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life

The word ‘Yoga’ was derived from ‘Yuj' which is a Sanskrit root means ‘to join' or ‘to unite'. Yoga is basically a group of practices that connects the mind, body, and spirit. It has been practised for thousands of years and was originated in ancient India. Yoga harmonizes the body, mind, and environment which is the elemental purpose of it. Nowadays yoga is well known and very popular all around the world. As it is a natural progression and does not have any negative impacts more people are shifting to yoga.

benefits of yoga

By practising yoga regularly, we can excavate various health benefits within the body. Here are some of them: -

  • Blood Pressure: yoga modestly reduces blood pressure by better circulation and oxygenation. Which also lowers the risk of heart attack and brain stroke.
  • Respiratory: while performing yoga, it decreases the respiratory rate through a combination of controlled breathing. It enables different limbs to work better.
  • Organs: yoga practice massages internal organs which improves the ability of the body to prevent diseases.
  • Immunity: yoga helps to reduce the level of stress hormones that compromise the immune system and boosts the immune system.
  • Metabolism: practising yoga regularly helps to maintain a healthy weight and to control hunger which creates a more efficient metabolism.
  • Aging: by simulating the detoxification process within the body yoga helps to delay aging.
  • Posture: through different body poses yoga helps to improve one’s body posture. Which will make that person feel more confident.
  • Strength: it takes a lot of strength to hold our body in a balanced pose. So, the regular practice of yoga will strengthen the muscles.
  • Weight: a yogi must have to stretch his limbs in order to practice yoga properly. Stretching burns the body fat and reduce weight.
  • Flexibility: yoga poses work by stretching muscles. Generally, people improved their flexibility by up to 35% after practising yoga for 8 weeks.
  • Stress reduction: balance yoga poses are very helpful to relieve stress and to reduce inner tension.
  • Anxiety: performing yoga regularly controls breathing which is very helpful to reduce anxiety.
  • Concentration: by meditation yoga helps us to increase our ability to concentrate and maintain the concentration level.
  • Self-control: it helps us to translate that self-control to all aspects of our life.
  • Positive outlook on life: regular practice of yoga balances the hormone levels and nervous system which gives a more stable and positive approach to life.
  • Memory: yoga increases blood circulation to the brain which helps to reduce stress and results in better memory.

In order to live our life to the fullest, yoga is promising free hand exercise with lots of health and mental benefits. In this current challenging situation raised by Covid-19 pandemic, all range of people suffering from mental stress, frustration and in many cases of depression. Here yoga can be a gateway from all of these distress situations with inner peace and good health condition.

High Waist Power Flex Legging Review 2020

Amazon 90 degree leggings

The 90 Degree by Reflex High Waist Power Flex Legging is comfortable, more fashionable and reasonable yoga pants. These exercise leggings are ideal for lounging at yoga center or home. The flexible mix together with natural moisture qualities remains you dry, comfortable and cool. It designed to feel similar to your second-skin level. You will not remember you are wearing these High Waist Power leggings. These yoga leggings are 28 inches of length this is an ideal replacement for sweatpants. You can head directly from the studio to run an exercise with dry and flexible fabric. The high Waist leggings have high-rise waistband and an additional wide element, and a big hidden pocket.

Main Features: 

High quality: Active Fit yoga high waist training pants for women are high excellence for athletics, yoga exercise and sports. These leggings are perfect to conquer your wellness challenges and at the same time be difficult in your daily life. The manufacturer uses a 4-needle 6-thread sewing machine to reduce friction with the body to make this product.

It adapts to your requirements: This pent is perfect for the use in a wide range of activities from yoga, running, pilates, cross training, or just to prefer your child to play football. These leggings have the great support, coverage, and comforts whether you teach at go out at night or the gym. You can create a statement wherever you go with this modern legging and elegant. In addition, if you are looking for tummy control tights the high waistband is wonderful.

High-quality material: The high waisted leggings have 28-inch total length and arrive in different materials and colors. The available colors are Deep Blue, Reflexive Blue, and Jade. It contains Ultra Lux Waistband with an exposed sensation. This Reflex High Waist Power Flex Legging Tummy Control is a wide elastic waist. It has four-way stretch fabric thickness features moisture-wicking technology for molded, elastic, and thinning fit. The materials ratio according to color is Blackberry: 12% Spandex, 88% Polyester. Heather Charcoal: 43% Polyester, 44% Nylon, 13% Spandex. Black: 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex.

Main application: It is ideal for jogging, yoga, exercise, walking, and any kind of training or daily use. It provides no fading, no deformation, Soft fashion, color, and no pilling.

High waist power flex legging
  • pros
  • cons
  • It uses high-quality fabric to make sure leggings will be breathable, comfortable and moisture wicking, and not sees through exercise or bending.
  • The 3D printing technology makes sure that leggings do not disfigure when stretch or fade and shrink after washing.
  • Stretch fabric and buttocks cut three-dimensional design to shape your curve fine, tummy control, and ass lift
  • The solid, breathable and elastic fabric gives complete coverage, soft, high elastic and comfortable to wear.
  • They are a good selection of gift for a birthday, Christmas, any anniversary, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc. Anyone buy one or several for family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Multi-function leggings: fits yoga, Pilates, lunges walking, flexible energy, deep wrinkles, high knees, jumping, and donkey kicks, Glute Bridge, division squats, etc.


You can clean your yoga pants and put it flat to dry. Before buying, the best leggings for women check the best-multicolored print, pocket, and mesh, green and black leggings for women. The 90-Degree Waist Power Flex Capri is a best quality women yoga pants. Its smooth fit makes you experience confident and physically powerful. Read about- 100% Microfiber & Multiple Sizes Towel.

Natural Jute Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Natural Jute Yoga Mat

The challenging moment is when a beginner yogi decides to purchase his/her first yoga mat. So do not make mistake to buy best Yoga Mat. Find out what you should keep in mind when choosing your yoga mat. The Natural Jute Yoga Mat yoga mat is made from high-density Polymer Environmental Resin eco-friendly materials, organic jute fiber with maximum resistance. It is particularly suitable for intense practice and for frequent use. It is also ideal for equipping Yoga studios. Due to its capacity and density of absorption of impacts and padding, it is an ideal mat model for an intensive practice such as Vinyasa, Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. 


The Natural Jute Yoga Mat yoga mat is sturdy and heavy, 5 mm thick. That offers a very good cushioning and outstanding thermal insulation with high stability and resistance for sliding. Natural Jute Yoga Mat yoga is available in Earth Brown color and standard dimensions 72" x 24" x 5 mm. It is also a few centimeters larger in length and width than most mat designs therefore; it caters to all body shapes and sizes. Its complete benefits present after a practical and repeated use on the mat. Therefore, we recommend this product to the yogi who has experience in their journey through yoga. 

Keep in mind that unnecessary sweating or humidity can decrease the grip characteristics of the mat. The popular Basic model has a stable, non-slip surface and is easy to clean and very durable in the material. This solid quality standard of Yoga mat has insulator for cold surface and in support of Yoga, positions can also roll up or folded. The mat is designed especially with a non-slip support surface, which makes it safe during all yoga, and gymnastics exercises. The double layer technology enlarges comfort and functionally with textured best performance grip. You will be out of sliding approximately all over the place for its Non-slip backing.

Organic Yoga Mat

Best for

  • Appropriate for all levels of yoga
  • Recyclable
  • Free from latex, PVC, Non-toxic, and 6P phthalate free
  • Anti-bacterial 
  • 100% eco-friendly 
  • Greatly durable 
  • Trouble-free to roll and carry 


  • Manufacturer: Wellbeing
  • Materials: Polymer Environmental Resin and organic jute fiber
  • Color: Earth Brown
  • Dimensions: 72" x 24" x 5 mm
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • PROS
  • Cons
  • The structure of the closed cell material is hygienic and very easy to clean - simply with a damp cloth or with a mild disinfectant. Dry in the air does not expose permanently to direct sunlight.
  • Yoga instructor’s team designed it with the natural rubber base eco-friendly materials to be free from stretching Strap
  • It offers more cushioning and a non-toxic sticky surface that provides excellent grip even when you are sweaty.
  • It is also ecological, with sustainable and biodegradable materials. 
  • This mat is Available in better performance grip and it is free from risky toxic chemicals
  • This mat is Available in better performance grip and it is free from risky toxic chemicals
  • The fixed marks help with the position of the body, so you can focus on the flow without fear of bending forward in the wrong place.
Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat


If you are committed to your practice, this could be the ideal option. It also comes in its own portable bag, making it simple to travel between classes. In conclusion, we can say Natural Jute Yoga Mat is cheap, high performance, simple care that pleases an extensive mixture of requires. It’s Anti-slip textured surface for exceptional grip and traction with the floor to keep away from injury. This mat skin is Moisture-resistant, as a result, it very effortless to fresh. Read About- Toplus Best Anti Slip Hot Yoga Mat For Travel.

Yoga Exercise for Beginner at Home-Yoga for Beginner

yoga for beginner

The yoga postures discipline can adapt to any physical condition and contributes to both physical and mental stability. Some of the benefits attributed to the practice of yoga are increased flexibility, energy, and body strengthening and toning, maintenance of a young spine, oxygen renewal and stress release, improvement of sleep, concentration and the relationship between body and mind. Yoga is a type of physical and mental training that contributes to overall well-being.  If you want to start practicing Yoga, here we leave you 10 best yoga exercises for beginners at home. Although yoga is suitable for all ages always, remember to consult your doctor in case of suffering from any traumatological pathology. Here you will get complete guidelines that will allow you to see the step by step of each exercise well.

1. Meditation Pose

Sit on your heels not everyone is comfortable with this posture. So you can sit cross-legged if it's better for you. The slogan is to get comfortable in each of the positions. Visualize a positive emotion, that makes you feel very good or something that you like very much and observe it in your mind in detail. The idea of exercise is to feel how emotion activates the whole body. Keep your arms relaxed. Root your legs in the ground and from the center of the abdomen begin to move. The spine has to flow as if it were a wave. Inhale and open the chest towards the sky. Exhale and descend towards the earth as if you were making a prayer. 

2. Cat-cow

Position yourself in the child's position to stretch your arms forward, stretch your trunk and release tensions. Put yourself in four-legged quadruped on the ground. Keep in mind, above all rooting your hands well on earth. Inhale and let the breath guide you towards the movement. Raise your back, arching it and lowers your head while you shrink your abdomen inward. Make the position of the cow, complementary to the previous one, which consists of raising the pelvis and head up and open the chest. Combine movements by moving in a circle with your hips, shoulders, and back. You have to feel an opening in the thorax and that you are creating space.

3. Quadruped with leg 

After inhaling, begin to stretch the right leg lengthening it as much as possible. Exhale bringing the knee to the chest and arching the back towards the ceiling. If you focus on your breathing, you will see how the movement becomes more fluid and you will not force the posture. In Quadruped, with the legs to the width of the hips, make circular movements first with the right leg flexed and then with the left leg. So you will notice the opening in your hips.

yoga for beginner

4. Dog looking down with the swing

Yoga for beginner’s basic yoga postures dog upside down with foot flexion. Stand on the legs and hands. Place your hands just below your shoulders with your fingers spread apart, knees below and the same width as your hips. Press your palms forward and away from you while rolling on your toes with your knees slightly bent. Swing your hips from side to side, bending and stretching your knees. Straighten the trunk to form a straight line from the wrists to the hips. Little by little, stretch your legs to form a letter V backward. If you cannot stretch your legs completely, work slowly to keep the trunk straight.

5. Crescent moon

From the position of the dog looking down, take the right foot to the mat. Relax the shoulders and buttocks. Inhale and open the chest. Raise your arms above your head and bring your hands to the sky or help yourself with your hands on the sacrum. This will allow you to make less effort in the posture to maintain balance and stretch your back.

6. Mountain posture in motion

Stand with your feet together. Find the stability of your legs. Inhale and bring the right knee towards the chest rooting the left leg to the ground. Go changing from one leg to the other. You can help by moving your hands. Look for a 'let go' effect every time your legs and arms descend to the ground.

7. Warrior yoga

Yoga for beginner’s basic yoga postures warrior yoga for beginner’s basic yoga postures inverted warrior. From the dog that looks down, it takes the right foot to the mat and builds the warrior 2. It sees flowing in one and another posture stretching the whole body and keeping the breath. Stand in the mountain posture. Exhale taking a step to the right of a meter approximately with the right foot. Turn the right foot 90 degrees and the left foot 45 degrees. Look forward, and while you inspire, raise your arms until they are horizontal forming a T. Bend the right knee 90º, keeping the knee on the ankle. Keep the look along the right hand stay of 1 minute.

8. Position torsion yoga

Sit on the floor with your legs extended. Cross right foot over left thigh flexes the left knee. Keep the right knee pointing towards the ceiling then put your left elbow to the outside of your right knee and your right hand on the floor behind you.  Turn to the right as far as you can, moving the abdomen. Keep both buttocks on the floor. Hold the posture for a minute.

9. Half moon posture

This position, with a lateral balance and opening of the trunk, requires a lot of balance. So if you are not comfortable, avoid spending a lot of time in it. Take your knees to your chest and hug them. Balance yourself gently by gently massaging your back against the mat.

10. Hip flexion

Stretch on your back, place your arms in line with your shoulders and your palms facing up. Bend the knees and throw them to one side keeping the opposite shoulder stuck to the mat. Make a slight hip movement, as if you meandered.


Yoga flaunts beauty, strength, and balance through the practice of yoga. Yoga exercises for beginners at home are more fashionable than ever and well known its benefits. Surely you have been interested the bug and want to start doing yoga. So you have prepared this compilation of 10 yoga postures for beginners. The practice beyond extravagances can be simply based on subtle movements and series of less rigid postures. That has a useful application for example in the form of stretching in the day to day of those people who cannot devote a large part from his time to yoga. The technique in which is an expert is based on activating, through simple movements that require a lot of attention, the energy of the whole body in a very basic way. Through postures and breathing, people can find a space of well-being.

Simple Way To Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga is the most recommended exercise for back pain. Fortunately, today we bring you some effective yoga exercises for lower back pain relief. That will solve your discomfort in the back. Having discomfort and back pain is something that has become too common in many people's daily lives. Spending many hours sitting or standing, carrying weight constantly or improperly are the main triggers of these ailments of back pain. Do not forget to combine it with a good deep breath to get the most out of the best yoga postures for back pain that we tell you here.

Before you start with postures for back pain, you have to be aware of your body. Do not force the postures or try to go further than your body allows. Below we will explain the best yoga exercises to relieve back pain. You can also do each yoga posture separately according to your abilities or the area of the back. Perform each posture the time you feel comfortable with a minimum of 5 deep breaths per yoga pose.

1. The posture of the warrior

Actually, the posture of the warrior has three different poses, but let us focus on the position of the warrior 1 since it is the best to start and can be done anywhere. This exercise removes back pains and used to stretch the back of the legs and hips. Focusing on the back to raise the arms and tilting the back can relieve the pain of the middle back and, of course, lower back pain.

In a summarized way, you can follow these four steps:

  • While standing you will only have to stride forward with one leg then repeat the position of warrior 1 with the other leg
  • Keep the front leg flexed and the back leg stretched.
  • Stretch your arms over your head as far as possible.
  • Tilt your back, head back, and hold the posture.
  • 2. Triangle and reverse triangle position

  • The position of the triangle and the inverted triangle are exercises for back pain that help to turn the back slightly to release the joints in their rotating movement. Having a straight back is mandatory both to remove back pain and to prevent it from appearing in the future. In addition, it also strengthens the muscles of the neck and back while giving flexibility to the hips and spine thus eliminating waist pain.

    • You just have to stand with your legs apart and stretch while you put a stretched arm towards the front foot.
    • The other arm must be forming a straight line with respect to the support arm. Your look should go towards the raised arm
    • Do not worry if you do not have enough elasticity you can rest your hand on the leg or on the foot if you do not reach the ground.
    • It is very important to keep your back straight. Do not forget to rotate the support arm and change the leg in front

    3. The posture of the Upside down Dog

    The upside down dog pose is a perfect yoga posture for high and middle back pain. It stretches the entire spine and improves blood circulation in this area. It also has other advantages such as strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, especially of the legs. Above all, we have to stay with the objective we are looking for knowing how to relieve back pain and even neck pain.

    • If this position costs you a bit, you can bend your legs a little, but your back always has to be straight.
    • Do not bend too much to avoid back contractures.
    • Keep your hips as high as possible to take advantage of this position to stretch also the lower back.
  • 4. Cat and cow posture

  • After the first three positions, that was standing, touch the floor. For this, we recommend these two yoga postures for fundamental beginners to take care of your back. The idea is to make this position on a soft surface or on a yoga mat so as not to hurt the knees and the instep of the feet. These two postures consist of arching the back and neck according to the posture of the cat or posture of the feline or the posture of the cow.

    • In the posture of the cat, you will have to arch the column upwards while keeping your head down.
    • Do not forget to push hard with your arms to separate the scapulae.
    • Raise the thoracic and cervical vertebrae. It is one of the best yoga exercises for high back pain.
    • You have to do just the opposite: raise your head, arch your back down and relax your arms.
    • To do this back exercise properly, you must alternate slowly between these two positions to the rhythm of your deep breaths. It inspires in the position of the roof rack and exhales in the position of the cat.  Alternating between these two postures is ideal to relieve back pain.
    • It tenses and relaxes the back in all heights as you alternate between the posture of the cat and the posture of the cow.
  • 5. The posture of the dog up or ascending dog

  • The position of the dog on the back or the dog up is one of the best yoga exercises for lower back pain relief. You just have to see how the lower back arches. Do not confuse with the position of the cobra.

    • The legs and hips are in suspension all the weight need to distribute between the arms and the supporting feet.
    • Once again, the back should be straight. The lower back should be arched but do not force it each one has its limits and with practice, you can arch it more.
    • A detail that very few people realize is the position of the shoulders.
    • The shoulders do not have to rise thus strengthening the shoulder and shoulder muscles while stretching the abdomen and chest.

    6. The exercise position of the grasshopper 

    It is very similar to the position of the grasshopper. This position is one of the best yoga exercises to strengthen the back, especially for the lower part of this. If you are looking for yoga exercises for lower back pain, this position cannot be missing. It only relieves lumbar pain but it is the best yoga posture for low back pain. The position of the grasshopper not only eliminates back pain but also it is a very powerful exercise to strengthen the area. So surely it will prevent injuries and pains in the future.

    • You will only have to lie on your stomach
    • Lift your chest and legs to rest on the floor only your hips and lower abdomen.
    • You need resistance to endure this position
    • Therefore, it is convenient to rest every little time and repeat the position
  • 7. Twist yoga posture

  • You could not miss a twisting position among the yoga exercises to remove the back pain that we recommend. The position is the one chosen for being the easiest to perform and for its incredible improvements in the lumbar and middle back. It is perfect to continue after position number. With this posture, you will release the tensions of the entire spine in the upper part by having it completely straight, in the middle part and low by the torsion. It is even likely that you notice a snap in the vertebrae with the consequent muscle relaxation that occurs.

    • The position consists of the following:
    • Lie on your back with one leg bent.
    • Turn the hip to bring the bent leg to the opposite side so that the knee touches the ground
    • Hold that leg so the knee does not come off the ground.
    • Turn the upper trunk so that it is completely facing up or even to the side opposite to where the knee is resting
    • Do the same with the other leg.

    8. The position of the child

    The child's posture is the last upside-down posture of this routine to eliminate back pain. A relaxation posture is perfect to release the tension of previous positions and deconstruct the back. This position is of pure relaxation, so it is convenient to make them as a rest between postures as we have decided to show it in this position. The position of the child is not complicated and anyone can do it. Even so, it is convenient to do it on a mat or even put a yoga block or a bolster to support the head if you feel uncomfortable. The benefits are clear, relieving tension from the entire back, relieving neck and shoulder pain, and entering a deeper state of relaxation.

  • 9. Yoga posture knees to the chest

  • Well, you are also going to love it. Practically the same only face up. Make sure you have a mat or at least a yoga towel to do it because if you do not hurt yourself by supporting the vertebrae on the floor. Hold your knees so they reach the chest and take deep breaths. The benefits are the same as for the child's posture but without hurting the knees.

  • 10. Yoga fish posture

  • This posture will depend on the level of flexibility of the yogi. It consists of arching the back upwards while lying on your back to support the top of the head and buttocks. There are two variants: one with the legs stretched and one with the legs in the position of the lotus flower. Do the one that is most comfortable for you to relieve middle and lower back pain it is great.

    Benefit of Yoga

    Final thoughts

    We have even incorporated 10 postures of yoga to get rid from the back pain. You can do them anywhere without materials and notice an improvement in the back in the question of seconds. Go to a personal trainer if you have doubts about any position. It is also advisable to stretch before and after the postures. Finally, do not hesitate to follow this exercise and thanks for viewing these yoga exercises for back pain ideas. Read more- Yoga Exercise for Beginner at Home

    Jade Fusion 74 Inch Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

    Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

    When you make ready yourself for a yoga adventure, then it’s important to get a suitable yoga mat as a partner. I heard, Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat has been a favorite choice among yoga enthusiasts, professional & yoga teachers in years. According to them, it has been a helpful & faithful partner during their journey.  Here, we will have a brief overview of Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat and find out, has Jade Fusion Yoga Mat  the potentiality to be a helpful partner in your Yoga journey. I urge my audience to join this quest with me.

    Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat Specific Features Review:

    Firm Grip, Great Comfort & thickest: This yoga mat’s length is 74 inches, even the tallest person don’t have to worry about being fit in the mat. It’s suitable for the tallest people or yogis. The thickness is 5/16 inch, so it’s perfect any kind of yoga or exercises. Even if are pregnant or have joint problems, it will prove equally comfortable for you, as you won’t feel the floor. Another strong point of this yoga mat is, it will provide same great results in both dry and wet conditions. Even if it gets wet, you don’t have to worry about anything. As it made of natural rubber, so it won’t slip. It will also provide a firm grip & extra comfort (as natural rubber provides more cushion and resilience) during yoga scission. In my verdict, in three features Jade has done an amazing job. Move on the next feature,

    Ecological Responsibility: You will not find another brand who will consider ecological responsibility as Jade Fusion. In the whole manufacturing process, they don’t use any harmful element. In fact, it maintains the environment friendly notion very strongly, they don’t use substance which can even indirectly affect the ozone layer. Now listen the most unique news about Jade Fusion. “If you buy a mat, Jade will plant a tree. (An agreement with Trees for the Future).”Isn’t it amazing? Jade gives you the opportunity to make the world better as well as your health. In one shot you achieved two goals.

    Jade Non-Slip Yoga Mat

    Design: The design of Jade Fusion made in such a unique way that it will add comfort & confidence in your body & mind. According to Jade Fusion, the main goal is to add value to your yoga journey & take care of your health as well as the earth.

    Advantages/Strong Points/Pros of Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat:​​​​​​

    Why Jade Fusion is the ultimate Choice for your Yoga Journey

    • Thickest Mat you have ever across.
    • Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats
    • Can be used for Multi-purposes (such as Pilates yoga and core fitness practices)
    • Provides you optimum grip
    • Toxin-free & natural rubber mat
    • Good feeling during yoga scission
    • Sustainable as we know Natural rubber known as a renewable resource.

    • Durable & Long-lasting

    • Highly recommended who have joint problem & also for tallest people (as the yoga mat doesn’t stretch), equally comfortable for pregnant women
    Jade Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

    Con/Weak Po​int:

    The weight of Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is around 7.8 pounds.  So, it won’t be super travel-friendly for you. I guess it could be bulky for you. Actually depends on your preference. But you can solve this problem with a carry strap

    Overall Ideas

    Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is quite great for all styles of yoga. It could be hot yoga, outdoor yoga or vinyasa style yoga. This Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat is equally fruitful in any of them. You can use it in wet condition, also to perform outdoors, even for stretching exercises. So, if you ask yourself why you will choose Jade Fusion You Mate over others, then the answer is quite simple.

    Except being a little smelly & bulky, its super effective yoga mat for all sorts of age’s people.  This yoga is thickest, durable, sustainable, Toxin-free, long-lasting, environment-friendly, adds comfort & firm grip, plus you are making an impact to perform your share of ecological responsibility (a tree planted if you buy a yoga mat) that I considered awesome.

    The features you need in your yoga adventure, Jade Fusion has everything. Isn’t it cool? Basically, if I have to give my final verdict, I think Jade Fusion offers more than you need. It has a weak point (not being travel-friendly), but it provides impressive features. I am sure, my dear audience, all of you will agree with me, it has every potentiality to be a helpful partner in your yoga journey. I highly recommend it.

    Best Quality Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

    Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

    Manduka is the first name that comes to our mind when we are discussing high-quality Yoga Mats. In years, it makes a loyal fan following & earned the reputation to become a top brand in the yoga industry. When the matter comes to product quality & value, no yoga mat can come on par with Manduka. The factors which we consider to be worthy of best yoga mats are Mat Styles, Mat Thickness, and Length & mat material. It doesn’t always happen we find all qualities in one yoga mat. But I am happy to announce Manduka will definitely stand in all of your expectation.

    Let’s have a look at the features of Manduka & find out, is Manduka really can be a reliable partner in your Yoga adventure? Is it really have all the features that you need? So, to gather information, join the quest with me about Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat.

    Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat Specific Features Review:

    Design, Stability, Durability, and Comfort:

    The design of Manduka Mat made in such a unique way that it stops moisture & sweat from becoming struck into it. The thanks go to their special feature mat’s closed-cell surface. Because of it, bacteria and other microorganisms never develop in this unique yoga mat. We all know that if yoga mat connects with moisture, bacteria grows. Thankfully, with this good quality yoga mat, there is no chance to happen it.

    The other most important factor is the comfort. If we are not comfortable with our yoga mat, we can never concentrate in our yoga scission. Luckily, with this best yoga mat, we will never have to worry about it. It provides a high-density cushion which is ready to back up you on any surface. It maintains its stability on a carpet, hardwood, and stone even in a cement surface. You will never feel the hardness of any surface, and can smoothly and peacefully complete the yoga scission. It will never bunch or shift. It is also thicker than other yoga mats. For its extra thickness, you will get a durable & smooth surface. If you have joint problems, then t will provide you softer surface. So, nothing to worry.  Undoubtedly, no yoga mat can give better comfort than Manduka Mat. Move on the next feature.

    Lifetime Guarantee:

    If you ask my share of experience, cheaper mats are not always long-lasting and give crisis during yoga scission. They are not durable & always give some issues such as surface problem which make you uncomfortable. Fortunately, Mandhuka mat made to last lifetime. When a brand assures you that it will serve your entire lifetime, then, there is no reason they will make it poorly. Yes, this brand provides your Manduka Mat lifetime Guarantee. Isn’t it amazing? If you really want a long-lasting mat, then I don’t find any better option. What about you? If you find, please leave a comment for us.


    Everyone’s size preference isn’t exactly the same. Manduka brand has kept special attention to it. It comes in a variety of sizes.



    standard PRO

    71”x26”, 6 mm thick, and 7.5 pounds

    Eextra-long PRO

    85”x26” and- 9.5 pounds.

    Standard PROlite mats

    71”x24”, 5 mm thick, and only 4 pounds

    long PROlite

    79”x24” and 4.6 pounds

    So, you can choose among these long yoga mats as per as your requirement.


    Manduka shares the same notion of ecological responsibility like us. As we know PVC isn’t environmentally friendly, so they use phthalate-free PVC, and also they keep the whole process emissions free. Most importantly, Manduka is OEKO-TEX certified, which means it is free from any harmful chemicals.

    Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

    Advantages of Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat:

    • Slip resistant
    • A perfect amount of cushioning for surface support
    • Sustainable, Durable & Stable Yoga mat
    • Helpful & good yoga mats for hot yoga

    Final Verdict

    Our research team talked to some Manduka Consumers to check their experience. One of them, Natalie, a yoga teacher Said “Manduka yoga Mat never worn out. This mat is great to create grip, comfort, stability & durability”.

    We found positive reactions among the consumers about it. Overall, we will say, it is perfect in Mat Styles, Mat Thickness. Length & mat material.

    If you value quality & doesn’t bother about the budget, then it should be the ultimate yoga mat for you. It will definitely enhance your yoga practice & make it more enjoyable.

    Sivan Health and Fitness Extra Thick Yoga mat 2020

    Sivan Health And Fitness Yoga Mat

    To select a perfect yoga mat, you need to consider certain factors such as thickness, accurate size and texture according to your fitness needs or preferences. So, in your fitness adventure, you need an ideal yoga mat & we want to help you in that process. Here, we are presenting a yoga mat which would be suitable for your journey. We can assure you, Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat Has all the individual requirements that a customer need for the best yoga mat. It’s a versatile yoga mat which can be used for multiple purposes such as yoga, Pilates and in fact, all of your desired exercises. This mat is known as a top-notch yoga mate among the people & also Amazon’s best seller in this field. It is one of the thickest mats present on the market now.

    Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat Key Features Review:​​​​

    • Top-notch Design: The mat made with specially designed memory foam which allows higher impact absorption and comfort. The extra thick mat is long enough to defend your knees and joints. So, you can use it without any tension.

    • Ribbed surface: This yoga mate features a smooth surface on one side and a ribbed surface on the other side so the non-slip surface will grips the floor to enhance your experience & prevent injuries.
    • Durable & long-lasting: This extra-thick mat is long-lasting, washable & durable. The material of this yoga mat is moisture-resistant so, it’s very easy to clean & will last for years.

    • Colors: This versatile mat is available in different eight colors (Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Teal, Pink, Purple and, Red). So, you can choose it in your choice of color which defines your personality better.

    • Lightweight: Sometimes it’s refreshing to try some new possibilities & take your fitness journey outdoors for a sun salutation. So, what do you fear? The weight of your Yoga Mat? If you fear it, please don’t. Here, Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat is lightweight & ready to travel with ease. You can use the shoulder strap to transport to your next work out.

    • Measure: This well-made yoga mat is 71" long 24" wide enough & suitable for people of all sizes and shapes & also ensures comfort to your daily yoga workouts.

    • Thickness: The mat is fairly thick & dense, so it offers you adequate padding and also helps you to hold up extremely well over the time. It’s also thick enough to protect you from any injury. 
    • Stability: This comfortable yoga mat is made of NBR foam with non-skid ridges so that you can get enough stability.  The non-skid ridges also make sure that this yoga mat never slips when you are using it.
    • Comes with: It comes with an integrated carry strap. So, you don’t have to worry about transportation. 

    Health and Fitness Extra Thick Yoga mat
    • One of the thickest Yoga Mat present on the market & Provide perfect amount of thickness to add comfort to your daily workouts.
    • The Mat handles any weight perfectly. As the surface is non-slip & cushioned, so it helps to hold your poses for a longer time.
    • Suitable for flexibility exercises, also for yoga stretching and toning workouts.
    • As this yoga mat is the perfect combination of thickness & length, so it’s very comfortable to use.
    • Prevents any injury & protects your knees and joints. Highly recommended for those people who have knee problems
    • It’s Sturdy and also stable.
    • Offers a variety of super cute colors.
    • Lightweight& travel-friendly Yoga Mat.
    • It’s sufficiently long enough
    • Durable & washable
    • Easy to Clean
    • Thick NBR Foam
    • Removable Carry Strap
    • Increases flexibility
    • Affordable Price
    best travel yoga mat


    Yoga reduces your stress and keeps you fit and healthy. So, it’s very important for your fitness goals. To do it flawlessly, you need right yoga exercise equipment. So, you have to choose the Yoga mat wisely.

    Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat provide all the features that you need for an ideal Yoga Mat. It features durable foam, non-slip surface, washable sufficiently long & wide enough, High-quality design, vibrant colors, well-made & reasonable price. Our Research team consulted with consumers and found that Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat is a first-choice and mainly popular by the people who just started their Yoga adventure & also equally alluring choice who have knee and joint problems. This Yoga Mat is their priority. So, we recommend it to these both consumer group

    Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat has pretty amazing reviews on Amazon, Walmart & eBay. Our reports mentioned that the customers look quite satisfied with this yoga mat’s service. So, we are pretty sure Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat will also serve you well. If you have any question regarding this yoga Mat, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you. Comments below. Thanks a lot for reading this review.