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YogaRat Yoga Towel | 100% Microfiber & Multiple Sizes Towel

YogaRat Yoga Towel

YogaRat is producing their best quality Yoga Towel. By using eco-friendly materials YogaRat helps to reduce the harmful impact on the environment as minimum as possible. You can clean this towel with very easier way. It facilitates you to keep your yoga room more hygienic. If you are looking for a Yoga Towel to cover your mat but only a few inches longer then the YogaRat Yoga Towel could be your best choice.


This towel has a design bends over all mat corners. This towel will continue in place and tight during you are in the center of a stretch. You will not be slipping with YogaRat Yoga Towel. You do not need to worry more about placing your towel during yoga with YogaRat Yoga Towel. The towel is of adequate size, soft touch. It occupies small space because when folding it is of small size.

  • Grip: The towel has a double-sided double grip that holds it resolutely in place, even when moving. The towel helps not only to keep on in one position, but also the grid can progress your poses by providing better grip.

  • Materials: The absorbent microfiber absorbs moisture and sweat to keep away from slipping.  It has 20% Nylon weave, 80% Polyester 350 gsm thread count and 100% microfibers for highest absorbance.

  • Measurement: The YogaRat Yoga Towel comes in three different sizes 26 x 72 inches, 24 x 72 inches, 24 x 68 inches and violet color. You can choose any sizes from these three measurements depending on the size of your mat. YogaRat Yoga Towel is extremely flexible with two different lengths 68 and 72 inches and 2 different widths 24 and 26 inches. These towels will effort successfully for most mats.  14.1 ounces weight of the fabric is more than double as absorbent as usual yoga yogarat towel. The great in sweat fabric gives a better grip on your mat.

  • Maintenance and easy care: You can use washing Machine cold with colors like the dry medium dryer. This towel is different from the other yoga towels, as it is designed to make your yoga session more challenging instead of easier. During the using of yoga mat, you will get strength from grip to cooperation actually your core. You will get extra support in your joints than only using a yoga mat during exercise.
YogaRat Yoga Towel


  • You can wash this yoga towel through a washing machine easily since it is dryable. It does not take space excessively in your bag because it is very space friendly and light. Therefore, you can go for a great travel with this Yoga Towel.
  • Yoga towels are mainly ideal to dry your hands, clean your body, and cover up the yoga mat.
  • Excellent quality and offer very smooth and drying is quick.
  • You can use it during yoga exercise or any workout where you are working hard.
  • A yoga towel helps to decrease growing bacteria on your mat. A yoga mat is as not so easier to clean as a yoga towel.
  • As a wrapper, your yoga mat with a towel can be helpful to remain your mat clean, free from bacteria and sweat -free.
  • Extra thick and 100% plush microfiber material gives extra cushion on your yoga mat
  • It also improves your stability and grip.


The yoga towels can be used both side and on a rug. You can spray water on the towel outside to acquire the preferred grip for your exercise periods. You will get the cotton sensation, which is extra natural comparing with the nearly all yoga mats. The towel measurements are great this towel size is slightly larger than a normal yoga mat. There are 3 options to prefer every YogaRat Yoga Towel to help you with your placement. You can dry in a short time, once wet you put it in the sun and it is dry again in ten minutes. YogaRat Yoga Towel is Very practical and comfortable with the grip. Read about- Natural Jute Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Toplus Best Anti Slip Hot Yoga Mat For Travel

Toplus Yoga Mat

Yoga is known in everywhere as a discipline to allow the combination of spirit and body. By doing it frequently, you feel good in your spirit and with your body. The body becomes loose, strong and toned with prating Yoga. It feels relaxed, safer, relaxed and less stressed. TOPLUS is a Yoga Travel mat was designed to give maximum traction rather than cushioning. TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat is the perfect yoga mat for moving yogis and for those looking for a closer contact with the ground. It is the travel yoga mat made of natural rubber extremely supporter on both sides. That provides an incomparable non-slip surface.


Anti-slip mat: TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat prepared by natural suede, the more sweat is absorbed, the more non-slip it is suitable for hot yoga.

Dimensions: This folding mat can accompany you in all your sessions. The most adherent yoga mat dimension is 173 mm x 61 mm and 1/16 inches thick with pure rubber. The Folding square dimension 8 inches X 12 inches option let it easier to carry.

Material: This mat contains the Suede material eco-friendly material non-toxic rubber both sides. The Material is perfect for soft yoga to give priority to comfort, ankles, joints, to protect knees also for upside down positions.

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat has a thickness only 1/16 inches, which allows it to be folded and stored in a suitcase or even in carry-on baggage. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can take it anywhere your journey will take you. We would like to give only a sign for its proper use. This folding yoga mat has designed to afford maximum traction, rather than cushioning.

As for skin, it will give you amazing sensations, and like all the mats of the Element line, the TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat has natural rubber. Free of heavy chemicals, metals, chemicals, PVC or other potentially hazardous synthetic plastic materials. The exceptional grip makes Mat Element the anti-slip yoga mat ideal for intense and dynamic yoga styles.  The open cell construction means the strength remains optimal even in conditions of high sweating, to escort you to the end of the practice in overall safety.

It has a small number of artificial substances. It assures confirmation of the fact no chemical agents used during the production process. It is a natural rubber mat and this makes it sensitive to sunlight. To ensure maximum durability helps to fold softly. We recommend this is not necessary to keep it rolled up in a dry and sheltered place.

Toplus yoga mat


  • Thanks to its small folded bulk and lightweight, it is recommended particularly as a travel yoga mat.
  • You can fold up this Yoga mat with no trouble because it is only 1/16 inches thick
  • It is approaching with the beautiful carrying bag so it is an ideal travel yoga mat.
  • It fits directly on the ground, for maximum grip in difficult positions.
  • Suede Fabric yoga mat tends to absorb the surface sweat and moisture instantly to make sure hygiene and protection.
  • You can use this thin yoga mat by yourself.
  • This can be cleaned by machine with no trouble


  • It is not recommended for use on rough surfaces, because they would warn all imperfections. So, you do not need to use it on rough surfaces, because it would increase the risk that the mat will ruin.
  • The natural smell of rubber disappears over time and with washes.
Toplus hot yoga mat


This mat folds square, to go to yoga class or to pack it. To put it away it is better to roll it up, to make sure that no traces of wrinkles are formed on the rubber. Do not leave dry natural rubber under the sun and lose its grip properties. Generally, a wet cloth is sufficient to clean it. For a deeper cleaning, it is possible to clean it in cold water with a mild detergent. We recommend drying it lying down and not in direct sunlight. For being made of natural raw materials this can formulate it sensitive to a procedure of temporary oxidation, they may show clearer or even almost white areas.  For a longer life of your travel yoga mat, choose hand-washing system to washing machine and absolutely avoid the dryer.

How can yoga benefit your life-Yoga Health Tips

yoga health tips

Yoga is one of the best disciplines for health care. It is an activity involves all your body, mind and spirit. It has spread throughout the world we can enjoy it from its benefits. Yoga consists of a series of positions that made with the body, which involve mental concentration and physical performance. That helps to strengthen certain parts of the body, tendons, muscles, nerves, and transmitting impulses. That improves posture, circulation and the mood of the people who practice it. The importance you know all the benefits of yoga for health. So you encourage yourself to practice it and improve your physical health and quality of life. If you are thinking about starting to practice yoga, we describe how yoga can benefit your life.

Yoga Relaxes and Transmits Peace

The daily life can be very stressful because with yoga you will put an end to stress. Yoga relaxes the mind, decreases anxiety and strengthens the immune system. Therefore, when you practice yoga you find inner peace. Thus being more tolerant of the outside world and feeling good about yourself and therefore, with the rest of the people and situations that surround you.

It Helps to Sleep

For those people who suffer from insomnia or have a hard time falling asleep, it is highly recommended yoga. Lack of sleep does not allow the body to relax and rest enough. You spend all day with lack of energy and little concentration. To improve this situation, it is advisable to practice yoga. Since it will help you to relax, meditate, get to sleep and reduce the intake of sleeping pills, thus improving your quality of life considerably.

Improves Brain Functioning

Yoga speeds the mind, not only relaxes the body but also makes the mind work. It regulates the central nervous system. The layers of the cerebral cortex allowing the brain to react faster to the processes of learning making it easier to learn new things.

Practicing Yoga Helps Prevent Osteoporosis or Bone Degeneration

benefits of yoga

Certain positions are executed in yoga are essential for the strengthening of the bones. In particular, those positions involve the legs and hips. This is areas very affected by decalcification in women. Certain yoga movements help to improve Bone density thus avoiding osteoporosis or bone degeneration.

Improve your flexibility

If you feel, your body is very rigid and you have, almost no muscle or joint flexibility you need yoga. Yoga improves the elasticity and the resistance of our body, strengthening the muscles and toning the whole body. It is a very complete exercise it will help you stay fit, healthy and looking much better.

Relieves the symptoms of osteoarthritis

Yoga particularly decreases the inflammation of the joints and the tension of the same in the hands, feet, knees, and wrists. Thus alleviating any pain derived from diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, being verifiable in only 8 weeks of practice of this discipline.

Take care of your heart

Adopting the regular practice of yoga allows you to protect yourself against heart diseases and problems such as heart attacks. Yoga takes care of your heart, practicing it frequently helps to reduce triglycerides and bad cholesterol. We recommend practices Yoga to fight heart diseases and strokes. According to research, yoga reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as other forms of exercise, such as brisk walking. The researchers found that participants reduced their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is the combination of the different elements makes up yoga - such as physical activity, deep breathing, and meditation.

Improves circulation

Yoga increases blood flow throughout the body. So it ends muscle cramps and spasms derived from poor circulation. This will improve all the organs of the body and all the systems that regulate them. Since blood will, reach more oxygenated to every cell of your body.

Improve your sex life

With the continued practice of yoga, you will see how it improves your sex life. It increases sexual performance for both men and women. In turn, increases sexual desire and improve the response to sexual stimuli. Men improve the premature ejaculation and women manage to get orgasms more easily.

Yoga simply makes you happier

The practice of yoga makes people happier because the positions of relaxation and strength make your body release endorphins. This is the substance makes human beings happy, feeling happiness and pleasure. Yoga will reflect in your attitude before life, your mood. Yoga fights depression and makes people feel more desire to live and to face difficult situations. They are crises from the economic point of view, family or life as a couple.

Yoga can change your life

Go ahead and practice yoga for health, join classes and you will see how your health, mind, and spirit begin to work perfectly and ideally. Releasing the best that you have inside as a person and offering the world the best part of life. You can practice a discipline that will forge many changes within you.

Where muscular ailments have the highest incidence of work absenteeism, yoga can provide a great relief to moderate back pain. It reported an improvement in movements after twelve weeks of yoga, reduction of symptoms and less need for analgesics.

Fight against depression:

There is no single treatment for depression. It shows that yoga can help a part of patients. The conclusions show that the subjects who practiced yoga for several weeks reported a notable reduction in the symptoms of depression at the end of the test.

Practicing yoga usually provides you with numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Each person begins to examine into this discipline for personal or health reasons fighting stress. A study conducted last year revealed that only after just 25 minutes of yoga or conscious meditation performed better in tasks of executive functions.  It has the ability to control habitual thought patterns and emotional responses. With greater focus and mind control, people can move away from distracting thoughts and devote their attention to the tasks that interest them. It remembered that in just three months, conscious attention improves your brain plasticity.

The Combo Yoga Mat With Cheap Price

People always have a great desire for classy and gorgeous products. Sometimes the appearance of a product means a great deal for us. It attracts us. Now let me tell you, YOGA DESIGN LAB THE COMBO YOGA MAT is a kind of a mat that leave no stone unturned to impress us with its attractive look. In fact, this gorgeous yoga mat is designed to inspire people to do hot yoga and the yogis to practice more. We can’t deny the fact that we always have a great craving for eye-catching things. So, Yoga design lab used our mindset to inspire us. I do thank them for their innovative idea. But at the same time, good-looking isn’t the only one thing we desire as consumers, the quality and functionalities matter more. So, now I will review the functionalities to this classy yoga mat. So, join the quest and know, can this yoga mat make a good impression with its features also?


YOGA DESIGN LAB THE COMBO YOGA MAT Specific features Review:

  • Performance: As I mentioned before, it designed to inspire consumers’ hot yoga. And hot yoga demands a non-slip grip. The YDL towel ensures that. Here I want to remind you, it’s a towel and yoga mat in one. It’s an advantage as you don’t have to bring mat and towel to exercise. Move on, the top layer of this yoga mat made from absorbent microfiber and the bottom layer of this yoga mat towel made from eco-friendly, natural tree rubber. Both of the features ensure that you get an excellent grip on any surface safely. More importantly, the combination of yoga and mat get sticky when it is wet.

  • Durable & lightweight: The durability of this yoga mat deservers appreciating. It holds up pretty well. The bottom layer always remains sticky to the floor that you will be mistaken that it’s your first time. Even if you use it for a long time, the yoga mat remains new.

The weight is 4.1lb. So, it’s pretty lightweight than other yoga mats. It’s a travel-friendly yoga mat.

  • Measure: This yoga design lab travel mat is 70 in long, 24 in wide and the thickness is 3.5mm. A comfortable carry strap would be added to this deal. Luckily, the rings are very adjustable and tight. The measure is completely suitable for men, women, and kids beginners, intermediate and advanced,

  • Easy Caring: This is yoga mat is super easy to care. It’s machine washable, also with a mild detergent. Then hang for dry. No chance to fade away. Caution: I don’t recommend to use bleaching.

Design: This yoga mat is designed with abstract patterns and vibrant colors. It looks divine; it will attract you in a positive way that you always look forward to using it. These lively colors shaped with water-based ink. More importantly, it will never fade away. Luckily, it’s also Eco-friendly yoga mat.



  • Durable, free carrying strap.
  • No chance of moving or bunching.

  • Extra cushion adds comfort.

  • Stability, and firm grip.
  • Stability, and firm grip.
  • Travel-friendly, quick dry

  • Non-fade prints and colors.

  • Reversible and Sustainable.

  • Environment-friendly.

  • A cheap travel yoga mat

  • Ideal for Hot Yoga, and Pilates 

  • Bikram yoga mat.

The wetter this mat gets, the better it works. So, if you aren’t a sweaty person, the surface could be slippery. As we know, this Bikram yoga mat is super excellent in hot yoga. So, it designed that way. But the solution is super simple.  Just spray lightly a few drops of water before your yoga scission. And the problem is solved.


Overall Ideas:

Well, we get a detailed overview of yoga design lab travel mat. So, we found out, this eco-friendly yoga mat just not only pretty yoga mat but also a functional mat. If I compare quality and price, I believe it’s a show steal. The price is under $70 (the moment I am writing), additionally, you are getting a yoga towel and carrying strap. The features of this yoga design lab travel mat are pretty impressive. This cheap travel yoga mat is highly recommended for hot yoga. The design and color are so refreshing and appealing; it will always add value and inspiration to yoga adventure. One thing will definitely happen, your friends and neighbors won’t feel tired to give compliments for this appealing yoga mat.

Extra Wide Extra Long Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

YogaAccessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4” Deluxe Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is one of the best products from the well known to all Yogis. It is very light so it can be transported easily but at the same time, it is often enough to guarantee great comfort during your practice. Today we will give you details ideas about Deluxe Yoga Mat. Thanks to its surface with very high slip resistance. It is perfect both to practice the sun salutation and to carry out any other position, even those in which you tend to slip. Totally non-slip even when you tend to sweat a lot. The Deluxe Yoga Mat is made of a 100% natural rubber that is unique in its kind and is fully free of pollutants, chemicals, and allergens.

Finding the right type of mat is not so difficult if you have all the necessary information. The doubts that arise when choosing the material are always the same: what size to choose, what thickness is the most appropriate, what kind of material is the most comfortable and practical. For the moment, we highlight the model of Maximum fitness for its quality ratio price. This yoga mat will help you during your yoga activities. So as not to be in direct contact with the ground and in your place you can count on a soft and clean base, with a thickness. That will allow you greater ease, comfort, and safety when doing the exercises.


Deluxe is a best yoga mat brand that for years now creates excellent Yoga Accessories for the practice of yoga. The thin of this mat is very light and suitable for all people. With this mat, you can perform almost any type of yoga exercise. The important measure is undoubtedly the thickness of the mat is 1/4". The mat can be transported comfortably rolled up on itself. The relaxation is guaranteed even for allergy sufferers, being made with a brand new foam thermoplastic material. This material is not only environmentally friendly and hygienic but also anti-allergic.

YogaAccessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4” Deluxe Yoga Mat


This exercise mat has enough anti-slip traction for any type of exercise. Your training base must not slip, but above all, it must remain stable even when you climb barefoot on the mat.

YogaAccessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4” Deluxe Yoga Mat

Measurement and Color:

The yoga mat size is 36" wide and 84" long. The dimensions of this Yoga mat is 84" x 36" x 1/4". Colors are very important in Yoga exercise. The mood of people is very much influential. The Deluxe yoga mat is available in black colors, from the most vibrant to the most harmonious and meditative tones to give everyone a more intense yoga experience.


You will get this mat with unbeatable price and quality. It is the basic yoga mat for beginners with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. This Yoga mat is Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic mats in soft anti-slip TPE rubber ideal for all yoga teachers and enthusiasts. The materials used play a very important role. The material is Eco-friendly and 100% natural. You can transport it very easily and fold on itself to store it without taking up.

YogaAccessories Extra Wide and Extra Long 1/4” Deluxe Yoga Mat


Available in 



  •    DELUXE

     84" X 36" X 1/4"


     1/4 INCH


     6.3 POUNDS




    • It offers high resistance to superior wear and incredible longevity.
    • It is easy and frequent to transport
    • It is suitable to be placed on any surface (carpet, concrete, wooden floors)
    • Surface with high resistance to slipping even in cases of abundant sweat
    • High performance in a light form
    • Zero emissions and free of chemicals, allergens, and pollutants
    • Eco-designed and the non-slip bottom side are made of natural latex.
    • Deluxe Yoga Mat mat is made of high-quality material, anti-slip and resistant to abrasion.
    • It is free of harmful substances, PVC and latex and ensures maximum respect of the skin.
    • The manufacturer includes an elastic band to carry the mat comfortably.


    The practice of yoga requires concentration to meditate in peace and tranquility. It is important to have the best mat to do yoga. If you have pain-sensitive joints, we recommend a mat that is at least 0.5 cm thick. The upper exercise yoga mat gives you a comfortable cushioned surface. It holds up through a series of poses and movements. Its big mat size adapts to a diversity of body types, and its anti-slip surface hold the mat feet in place. The carpet is rolled up strongly and comes with carrying straps, making it simple to carry with you. The moisture resistant mat surface technology lets you clean the mat with water and soap.

    Aurorae Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat

    Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

    Now it’s the time when I will go for a cheaper yoga mat. The mats I explored till now they are either a little expensive or moderates price. But now I decided to choose a yoga mat whose price is under $50. I understand it very well, people can’t always afford a high budget, particularly in the beginning level.  They always have the fear, does yoga fit them? So, yes, I understand your concern very well as I go through it. The decision is pretty hard for me. I have to choose a cheaper yoga mat, but I also have to make sure that the quality and majesty of this mat is worth trying. Trust me, I have to go through thousands of mats, several forums and numerous websites to choose the best one for you. And I finally go for Aurorae Classic.

    Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

    Aurorae Classic Extra Thick Yoga Mat Specific Features Review:

    • Size, Thickness, and Comfort: Aurorae classic thick yoga mat is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. I believe its perfect size for any individual and also provide enough space to perform your yoga poses. The thickness is ¼ inches, specially designed with memory foam to provide enough protection (with extra cushioning) you knees, joints and backs while stretching. Also provides extra comfort and enough balance to keep a tight grip. It will always keep you in place. More importantly, a new feature called a rising moon focal point icon supports you to focus and also defends you from slipping.

    • Durable and Multi Performance: This best extra thick yoga mat comes with a very durable material. It will serve for a long time if you maintain it regularly. This mat is completely perfect for any pose. Move on, this mat can be used for multi purposes. It can be stretching, Pilates or other workouts. It will support you in every exercise and will prove a helpful friend.

    • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat: Let me tell you an interesting fact about Aurorae brand. The brave person, who founded Aurorae, overcame cancer after a long struggle. He is a true-fighter, and made sure that Aurorae doesn’t use any kind of toxic material. During his fight with cancer to alive in this world, he enlightened, human body or earth should be free from any toxic material. I really appreciate his view and determination to provide natural products. So, Aurorae Classic yoga mat is Oeko-Tex tested and approved. You really can trust Aurorae on this issue. It’s free from any silicone, rubber, or Phthalates or latex.

    • Illuminating Colors: This best extra thick yoga mat comes with different eleven colors, more importantly, the design make it easy for you to use at night. The colors are royal plum, sea mist,, hope, infinity,, Cameroon green, crown, ruby red, , ocean, violet, earth, and midnight. So, you can pick from a variety of colors which I think is great. You don’t find such variety of colors in other yoga mat options. That’s why I am loving it so much Additionally, It will help you to concentrate.

    Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

    Advantages of Aurorae classic thick yoga mat:

    Why Aurorae Classic could be a star in your tight budget deal?

    • Non Slip Rosin included in the deal
    • Relatively thin and firm grip.

    • 2 Year Guarantee.

    • Durable and Supportive.

    • Lightweight and odorless

    • Easy to care, you can give a look at my other reviews where I explored it extensively or the instruction of aurorae brand. I am sure you will find something useful.

    • Keeps you concentrated, no worries about slipping.

    • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

    • Provides stability and comfort.

    • Best extra thick yoga mat.

    Aurorae Classic Extra Thick 14 and Long 72 Premium Eco Safe Yoga Mat

    Overall Ideas:

    Well, we get a detailed overview of Aurorae classic thick yoga mat. And my verdict is, if I consider the price and quality, performance and features of Aurorae, then I dare to say, no brand can provide such a quality mat within this price range. It’s a win-win situation and definitely worth trying. And I urge you to take care of it properly. Even it gives 2 year warranty, but if you follow the instruction properly, trust me, it will be a supportive friend for a long time. So, I highly recommend it. But, of course, if you aren’t not on a tight budget, then manduka or jade fusion are a far better choice. I am just recommending it for a tight budget.

    Pogamat Large Exercise Non-Slip Yoga Mat

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

    Whenever we buy a product, one thing, we always give attention this details – is warranty available or not? If available, limited years or lifetime. No doubt, we always have a trust on lifetime warranty product. Our priority is always to choose a product which will serve us a long time. But the problem is, lifetime warrants always demands a higher budget but, unfortunately your budget always doesn’t allow you that. So, warranty and budget don’t match always together. But, this time, the picture is different. Pogmat extra large exercise mat will give you this luxury. Pogamat xl Even being moderate price (under $60, the moment I am reviewing), it provides you a lifetime warranty. I find this feature quite cool. I believe, whenever a brand gives lifetime warranty, we have very good reason to trust the brand and their product. Now, you will get a brief overview of this extra large exercise Mat.

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat Specific features Review:

    • Extra long, Extra Wide & Extra Thick: The measure of this High Density Mat is 84″ x 48″ x 1/4" Thick (7’x4′). It’s entirely perfect for the tallest yogis. Alex, a yogi, 7' 0" Tall, I asked him, (he is the tallest yogi in the studio and using pogamat) is pogamat xl accommodate him safely? The answer was positive, and he just replied, “For a man like me, it’s hard to find a large yoga mat, luckily it suits me perfectly, I love it.” Most importantly, you can use this yoga mat without or with shoes. Isn’t it great? It also offers 2X The Thickness than a traditional standard mat.

    • Workout yoga mat: This high-density mat designed with a Soft Texture which ensures that you get additional grip and comfort. Notably, the bottom part composed of an extra large Honeycomb Groove Anti-Slip Pad which used to provide you comfort and grip. Move on; it also reduces the impact on   Elbows, Wrists, Knees, and Hips. Also offers extra support and comfort whenever you need. You can safely try any of your favorite pose or Burpees. Another impressive feature is, you can use it on any surface, it could be, Tile Cement, Carpet, Grass, Hardwood, even in Sand. It’s the ultimate home gym flooring for any exercise. It’s thicker, larger, grippest, comfortable and supportive. I guess, it has all the qualities to be a good workout yoga mat.

    • Toxic free yoga Mat: This Toxic free yoga Mat designed of Non-Toxic Synthetic Materials to make you feel great. It is Free From any kind of Phthalates and Toxin. No Latex or Silicone. So, it’s perfectly suitable for environment and your body. You don’t need to worry about anything. It not only beneficial for your body, but also for the environment. Pogamat covers everything
    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

    Advantages/Strong Points/Pros of Pogamat Extra Large Exercise Mat:

    •  Non flammable.

    • Strictly follow the Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Methods.
    • NO ODOR.

    • Versatile yoga mat.

    • Provides sufficient support and comfort.

    • Lifetime warranty.

    • Suitable to do any kind of physical activity like plyo, cardio body weight regimens or Pilates.

    • Easily can be used  the home.

    • High Density Anti-Tear Workout Mat.

    • No bunching
    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

    Con/Weak Points:

    • It’s heavy. I guess it won’t be so travel-friendly for you. But I have an idea to mend this problem. Why don’t you try to carry with a mat strap? It would be helpful.

    Caution: There could be A Short "Break-In" Period. Within time, it can become softer, and also the traction can increase.

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat

    Overall Ideas:

    Within mediocre price range, this high-density mat offers a lot of impressive features which I considered deserve appreciation. Honestly speaking, I really can’t expect something better within this price range. Pogamat xl really adds value to their products. The design of this Toxic free yoga Mat worth mentioning, superb strong construction, also offers great grip and stability, eco friendly and many more amazing features.

    Overall, Pogamat Extra Large Exercise Mat could be an excellent choice for your yoga journey. Here I want to mention; the previous consumers are super happy with their purchase. It has a good consumer rating on everywhere. You can check it on online.

    In my verdict, it will prove a good investment.

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat Review 2020

    To provide you more enhanced experience and superior quality, Pogamat presents you another yoga mat. Maybe, you have already go through the previous Pogamat yoga mat review. But now I would like to present another mat from Pogamat. It’s definitely worth mentioning and the best one from Pogamat collection. This extra large yoga mat is superior to previous yoga mat in every feature. Definitely, the price is also a little superior. Really can’t blame the price. As it provides more enhanced feature than previous one. I thought, if you have a higher budget, then maybe you would like to give it a try. So, shall we play?

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat Review 2018

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat and Yoga Mat specific Features Review:

    • Design: The design team of Pogamat did an excellent job with the design of this yoga mat. It’s a perfect workout yoga mat. At first, the cushioning, which provides immense comfort and support during your exercise. You never even have to think to put another extra mat for cushioning. It’s just perfect. It really provides a comfortable ground & impact on   Elbows, Wrists, Knees, and Hips.

    Move on, The another extraordinary feature of Pogamat  XL is, in term of thickness and wideness, it’s more than twice than any tradition mat. It’s really challenging to compete with the pogamat extra large exercise mat in this particular feature. The measure is 84" x 48" x 1/4 Thick (7' x 4'). It’s entirely perfect for the tallest yogis, anyone Up To 7' 0".  If you ask me, then I will say it can easily fit two people. Isn’t it great? Move on, the material of this mat is superb durable and suitable for all kind of workouts. You can do any kind of physical activity like plyo, cardio body weight regimens or Pilates. It will stand up to the roughest workout safely. Interestingly, you can try these exercises with or without shoes. Depends on your choice and comfort zone.

    • Superb comfortable on any surface: This extra thick yoga mat acts as a versatile mat and sticks to any ground. You can manage it on any surface, it could be, Tile Cement, Carpet, Grass, Hardwood, even in Sand. The textures bottom will prevent any kind of sliding.

    • Toxic free yoga Mat: This Toxic free yoga Mat designed of Non-Toxic Synthetic Materials to make you feel great. It is Free From any kind of Phthalates and Toxin. No Latex or Silicone. So, it’s perfectly suitable for environment and your body. You don’t need to worry about anything. It not only beneficial for your body, but also for the environment. Pogamat covers everything

    • Made of: This work out yoga mat designed with PREMIUM TWO SIDED SURFACE. The top has a Soft Texture which ensures that you get additional grip and comfort. Notably, the bottom part composed of an extra large Honeycomb Groove Anti-Slip Pad which used to provide you sufficient comfort and grip.

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat Review 2018

    Strong Points of Pogamat Large Exercise Mat and Yoga Mat:

    • Lifetime warranty.

    • Multi-purposes. Even can be used as a child play mat.  

    • Sturdy construction.

    •  Extra Long, Extra Thick, And Extra Wide Exercise Mat

    • Provides enough stability. 

    • Perfect grip enhancement.

    • Enough Space for two people.

    •  Non flammable and strictly follow the Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Methods.

    • NO ODOR.

    • Versatile yoga mat.

    • Provides sufficient support and comfort.

    • Suitable to do any kind of physical activity like plyo, cardio body weight regimens or Pilates.

    • Easily can be used in home.

    • Anti-Tear Workout Mat and No bunching

    Pogamat Large Exercise Mat Review 2018

    Overall Ideas:

    This extra thick yoga mat will definitely enhance your yoga scission. It will support your body and will make sure that you will have a relaxed experience. The most amazing matter is, pogamat xl is eco friendly, so it is beneficial for your body as well as The environment.

    You can try a lot of workouts with it, no worries about any kind of injury, as I said before it will support your body enormously. It’s perfect workout yoga mat. Surely it will make your yoga journey safe and comfortable.

    Most thick And Comfortable Gorilla Yoga Mat

    Most thick And Comfortable Gorilla Yoga Mat

    If you ask, what is the most important thing for your successful yoga scission? Well, the answer is obviously yoga mat. Does it really matter? Can’t the yogis continue their journey without yoga mat? I am sure we all already have an overview about yoga. We know it needs a lot of physical goings such as stretching, bending, kneeling, standing etc. It’s important, your body need protection in these poses. Also to stretch perfectly, to help in body alignment, prevention from slippery, a yoga mat is mandatory.

    So, to do stretch & other yoga exercise like never before, Gorilla Mats give you Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat. Now it’s the moment to create your own studio or gym in your own home. This spacious yoga mat is more than enough to do any yoga pose you want to do. Then, can we have a brief review about it?

    Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat Specific Features Review

    • Exquisite Design: Premium yoga mat exclusively designed for powerful performance and to add extra comfort. The size is 9 x 6', which is 5x superior to any ordinary yoga mats. So, it’s the perfect yoga mat to do any yoga exercise, stretch. Light cardio workout, meditation or any bodyweight exercise. The most amazing news is, you can try these exercises with your friend or partner in your own home. There is plenty room for both of you.
    • The high density, double thick padding which is 8mm will give you plenty of cushion, provides another level of comfort zone. Besides this, it will also protect your knees and joints from any concrete ground or tile or hardwood floors. Most importantly, it works awesome in any floor or any ground. You can use this mat in your living room carpet, also in garage or basement.
    • DOUBLE-SIDED PERFORMANCE DESIGN: This gorilla exercise mat mat is sticky and textured. The non-slip top will ensure that you get an exceptional grip. It will also prevent the mat from sliding.

    • Comes with: Gorilla mat includes towel and strap in their deal. Microfiber Towel can be used to wipe away moisture and also can be used for padding and grip. Two Velcro Straps assists you to keep the mat in easy storage.
    • Construction Quality: Gorilla Mats built from highest grade non-toxic materials. The yoga mats are tough as well as comfortable. The manufacturers built it to complete your every yoga needs & give you a safe & comfortable yoga scission.
    • Lifetime Guarantee: This Extra Large Yoga Mat yoga is built to last for lifetime. According to Gorilla Mats, every gorilla mat is supported by their lifetime guarantee. Most importantly, if you are not happy with this mat, you can ask for a refund. They will not make any question.I must have to say I am really impressed with their confidence. They are so much confident about the quality of their product that they don’t even hesitate to give this kind of challenge. When a manufacturer gives this kind of statement, I don’t find any reason to doubt them. If you don’t like it, you can return it. So simple. But my experience says, you will find any reason to return it. Its top-notch yoga mat which will definitely win your heart.
    Most thick And Comfortable Gorilla Yoga Mat
    • pROS
    • Cons

    Why Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat is an Excellent Choice?

    • Environmentally friendly.
    • No odor and smell, which we found in standard yoga mats. 

    • No use of toxic Material.

    • Constructed from premium.

    • Extra thick

    • Sticky.

    • Unmatched grip.

    • A unique feeling during yoga scission 

    • Comfortable yoga poses.

    • Protect knees and joints.

    • Large yoga mat.

    • Lifetime guarantee.

    Most thick And Comfortable Gorilla Yoga Mat

    Overall Ideas:

    This yoga mat maintains a near perfect quality of a yoga mat. According to Gorilla mats” their main goal is to provide Extra large yoga mat and to provide value through their amazing customer support. Undoubtedly, they are true to their words and bring a smile through their top-notch quality product and service.

    Liforme Travel Yoga Mat Review 2020

    Yoga is a spiritual journey which we practice for the well-being of our physical and mental health. In this Spiritual journey, Liforme as a brand has committed a vision to make yoga exercise more commendable and more securely. Liforme launched their first yoga mat in 2013, after this, they never have to look back. Their yoga mats are appreciated & loved by yogis for their unique features.

    Now we will have a brief liforme yoga mat review, will see is it a great yoga mat according to your needs.

    Liforme Yoga Mat Specific Features Review

    Unparalleled Grip: One of the greatest things about this yoga mat is its unparalleled grip. This best eco friendly yoga mat has a natural and grippy rubber base, also has a matte polyurethane top. So, you don’t have to bother about mat sliding. Even in hot scissions, it is grippy enough to keep you stable. According to Liforme, their"GripForMe" material is a revolutionary step & grippiest “yoga mat material present on the earth now. Well. That’s a pretty big confession.

    Exclusive Alignforme System: I found this feature is quite unique and helpful. It works as a navigational tool in your yoga journey. You don’t have to worry about alignment now. A centerline supports you to keep alignment & the other markings also give you the perfect idea to track exact alignment. Most importantly, lines also vary for shorter & taller people. It’s a great feature. They also give proper instructions about its usage. Besides this, on their website, they describe how the marking should be appropriately used. So, it’s a win-win situation.

    Size: The size Liforme maintained in their yoga mat, it’s pretty standard. It’s 72.8" long x 26.8" wide. For shorter and average people, there is enough space to stretch out. I guess taller people (6 foot) also don’t have to bother much. It will be a good fit & has plenty of room for you. But if you are pretty tall, don’t find it convenient, then go with Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat.

    Design: The complete design process was consulted by the best yogis, yoga teachers and professional.  So, you can assume that the Liforme keeps every feature that you need in your yoga adventure.  They are committed to giving you a top-notch product.

    Color: Liforme gives you some pretty gorgeous colors to choose as per as your choice. It is available in Grey, Pink, Blue & Green. Choose the best one, which defines your personality best.

    Travel yoga mat amazon

    Why Liforme could be a good Choice?

    • Provides the perfect thickness.
    • Easy to clean, because of the smooth top layer. Just clean your mat after practicing so that there won’t be any debris or sweat. Cleaning is highly recommended.
    • Stickability
    • Innovative alignment markings
    • Longer and wider
    • Provide the perfect space to the yogis, they desire
    • Perfect balance
    • Stability
    • Comfortable cushioning
    • Non-slip surface
    • best eco friendly yoga Mat
    • Suitable for Hot Yoga class
    • Available in different colors

    Weak Point of Liforme Yoga Mat

    • Liforme used natural rubber base and cushion in case some areas of body parts such as knees and hips need to be protected. It’s a great effort, and I really appreciate it. But if a person has joint problems, and he feels he needs more cushion, then I think Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat would be a better fit. It’s not like that Liforme isn’t a good option and doesn’t provide enough cushion. It’s just the people who have sensitive joints. Jade Fushion is better than Liforme in this particular feature. I hope I made myself quite clear.
    • Thinner

    Overall Ideas

    If somebody asks me to recommend a yoga mat for its overall features, then I will definitely go for Liforme yoga Mat. It’s overall pretty great yoga mat. It offers unparalleled grip, stability, great design, different gorgeous colors, length & innovative ALIGNFORME SYSTEM. In short, it has pretty much everything. If you clean it & use it carefully, it would be a great investment.

    More importantly, liforme always promotes environment-friendly & sustainable products. All the Liforme yoga mats are PVC-free, biodegradable. They made with sustainably sourced and body kind materials.

    Hopefully, this liforme yoga mat review will help you to reach a conclusion.