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Jade Fusion 74 Inch Non-Toxic Yoga Mat

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

When you make ready yourself for a yoga adventure, then it’s important to get a suitable yoga mat as a partner. I heard, Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat has been a favorite choice among yoga enthusiasts, professional & yoga teachers in years. According to them, it has been a helpful & faithful partner during their journey.  Here, we will have a brief overview of Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat and find out, has Jade Fusion Yoga Mat  the potentiality to be a helpful partner in your Yoga journey. I urge my audience to join this quest with me.

Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat Specific Features Review:

Firm Grip, Great Comfort & thickest: This yoga mat’s length is 74 inches, even the tallest person don’t have to worry about being fit in the mat. It’s suitable for the tallest people or yogis. The thickness is 5/16 inch, so it’s perfect any kind of yoga or exercises. Even if are pregnant or have joint problems, it will prove equally comfortable for you, as you won’t feel the floor. Another strong point of this yoga mat is, it will provide same great results in both dry and wet conditions. Even if it gets wet, you don’t have to worry about anything. As it made of natural rubber, so it won’t slip. It will also provide a firm grip & extra comfort (as natural rubber provides more cushion and resilience) during yoga scission. In my verdict, in three features Jade has done an amazing job. Move on the next feature,

Ecological Responsibility: You will not find another brand who will consider ecological responsibility as Jade Fusion. In the whole manufacturing process, they don’t use any harmful element. In fact, it maintains the environment friendly notion very strongly, they don’t use substance which can even indirectly affect the ozone layer. Now listen the most unique news about Jade Fusion. “If you buy a mat, Jade will plant a tree. (An agreement with Trees for the Future).”Isn’t it amazing? Jade gives you the opportunity to make the world better as well as your health. In one shot you achieved two goals.

Jade Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Design: The design of Jade Fusion made in such a unique way that it will add comfort & confidence in your body & mind. According to Jade Fusion, the main goal is to add value to your yoga journey & take care of your health as well as the earth.

Advantages/Strong Points/Pros of Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat:​​​​​​

Why Jade Fusion is the ultimate Choice for your Yoga Journey

  • Thickest Mat you have ever across.
  • Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats
  • Can be used for Multi-purposes (such as Pilates yoga and core fitness practices)
  • Provides you optimum grip
  • Toxin-free & natural rubber mat
  • Good feeling during yoga scission
  • Sustainable as we know Natural rubber known as a renewable resource.

  • Durable & Long-lasting

  • Highly recommended who have joint problem & also for tallest people (as the yoga mat doesn’t stretch), equally comfortable for pregnant women
Jade Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Con/Weak Po​int:

The weight of Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is around 7.8 pounds.  So, it won’t be super travel-friendly for you. I guess it could be bulky for you. Actually depends on your preference. But you can solve this problem with a carry strap

Overall Ideas

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is quite great for all styles of yoga. It could be hot yoga, outdoor yoga or vinyasa style yoga. This Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat is equally fruitful in any of them. You can use it in wet condition, also to perform outdoors, even for stretching exercises. So, if you ask yourself why you will choose Jade Fusion You Mate over others, then the answer is quite simple.

Except being a little smelly & bulky, its super effective yoga mat for all sorts of age’s people.  This yoga is thickest, durable, sustainable, Toxin-free, long-lasting, environment-friendly, adds comfort & firm grip, plus you are making an impact to perform your share of ecological responsibility (a tree planted if you buy a yoga mat) that I considered awesome.

The features you need in your yoga adventure, Jade Fusion has everything. Isn’t it cool? Basically, if I have to give my final verdict, I think Jade Fusion offers more than you need. It has a weak point (not being travel-friendly), but it provides impressive features. I am sure, my dear audience, all of you will agree with me, it has every potentiality to be a helpful partner in your yoga journey. I highly recommend it.

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