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Liforme Travel Yoga Mat Review 2020

Yoga is a spiritual journey which we practice for the well-being of our physical and mental health. In this Spiritual journey, Liforme as a brand has committed a vision to make yoga exercise more commendable and more securely. Liforme launched their first yoga mat in 2013, after this, they never have to look back. Their yoga mats are appreciated & loved by yogis for their unique features.

Now we will have a brief liforme yoga mat review, will see is it a great yoga mat according to your needs.

Liforme Yoga Mat Specific Features Review

Unparalleled Grip: One of the greatest things about this yoga mat is its unparalleled grip. This best eco friendly yoga mat has a natural and grippy rubber base, also has a matte polyurethane top. So, you don’t have to bother about mat sliding. Even in hot scissions, it is grippy enough to keep you stable. According to Liforme, their"GripForMe" material is a revolutionary step & grippiest “yoga mat material present on the earth now. Well. That’s a pretty big confession.

Exclusive Alignforme System: I found this feature is quite unique and helpful. It works as a navigational tool in your yoga journey. You don’t have to worry about alignment now. A centerline supports you to keep alignment & the other markings also give you the perfect idea to track exact alignment. Most importantly, lines also vary for shorter & taller people. It’s a great feature. They also give proper instructions about its usage. Besides this, on their website, they describe how the marking should be appropriately used. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Size: The size Liforme maintained in their yoga mat, it’s pretty standard. It’s 72.8" long x 26.8" wide. For shorter and average people, there is enough space to stretch out. I guess taller people (6 foot) also don’t have to bother much. It will be a good fit & has plenty of room for you. But if you are pretty tall, don’t find it convenient, then go with Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat.

Design: The complete design process was consulted by the best yogis, yoga teachers and professional.  So, you can assume that the Liforme keeps every feature that you need in your yoga adventure.  They are committed to giving you a top-notch product.

Color: Liforme gives you some pretty gorgeous colors to choose as per as your choice. It is available in Grey, Pink, Blue & Green. Choose the best one, which defines your personality best.

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Why Liforme could be a good Choice?

  • Provides the perfect thickness.
  • Easy to clean, because of the smooth top layer. Just clean your mat after practicing so that there won’t be any debris or sweat. Cleaning is highly recommended.
  • Stickability
  • Innovative alignment markings
  • Longer and wider
  • Provide the perfect space to the yogis, they desire
  • Perfect balance
  • Stability
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Non-slip surface
  • best eco friendly yoga Mat
  • Suitable for Hot Yoga class
  • Available in different colors

Weak Point of Liforme Yoga Mat

  • Liforme used natural rubber base and cushion in case some areas of body parts such as knees and hips need to be protected. It’s a great effort, and I really appreciate it. But if a person has joint problems, and he feels he needs more cushion, then I think Jade Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat would be a better fit. It’s not like that Liforme isn’t a good option and doesn’t provide enough cushion. It’s just the people who have sensitive joints. Jade Fushion is better than Liforme in this particular feature. I hope I made myself quite clear.
  • Thinner

Overall Ideas

If somebody asks me to recommend a yoga mat for its overall features, then I will definitely go for Liforme yoga Mat. It’s overall pretty great yoga mat. It offers unparalleled grip, stability, great design, different gorgeous colors, length & innovative ALIGNFORME SYSTEM. In short, it has pretty much everything. If you clean it & use it carefully, it would be a great investment.

More importantly, liforme always promotes environment-friendly & sustainable products. All the Liforme yoga mats are PVC-free, biodegradable. They made with sustainably sourced and body kind materials.

Hopefully, this liforme yoga mat review will help you to reach a conclusion.

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