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Simple Way To Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Yoga is the most recommended exercise for back pain. Fortunately, today we bring you some effective yoga exercises for lower back pain relief. That will solve your discomfort in the back. Having discomfort and back pain is something that has become too common in many people's daily lives. Spending many hours sitting or standing, carrying weight constantly or improperly are the main triggers of these ailments of back pain. Do not forget to combine it with a good deep breath to get the most out of the best yoga postures for back pain that we tell you here.

Before you start with postures for back pain, you have to be aware of your body. Do not force the postures or try to go further than your body allows. Below we will explain the best yoga exercises to relieve back pain. You can also do each yoga posture separately according to your abilities or the area of the back. Perform each posture the time you feel comfortable with a minimum of 5 deep breaths per yoga pose.

1. The posture of the warrior

Actually, the posture of the warrior has three different poses, but let us focus on the position of the warrior 1 since it is the best to start and can be done anywhere. This exercise removes back pains and used to stretch the back of the legs and hips. Focusing on the back to raise the arms and tilting the back can relieve the pain of the middle back and, of course, lower back pain.

In a summarized way, you can follow these four steps:

  • While standing you will only have to stride forward with one leg then repeat the position of warrior 1 with the other leg
  • Keep the front leg flexed and the back leg stretched.
  • Stretch your arms over your head as far as possible.
  • Tilt your back, head back, and hold the posture.
  • 2. Triangle and reverse triangle position

  • The position of the triangle and the inverted triangle are exercises for back pain that help to turn the back slightly to release the joints in their rotating movement. Having a straight back is mandatory both to remove back pain and to prevent it from appearing in the future. In addition, it also strengthens the muscles of the neck and back while giving flexibility to the hips and spine thus eliminating waist pain.

    • You just have to stand with your legs apart and stretch while you put a stretched arm towards the front foot.
    • The other arm must be forming a straight line with respect to the support arm. Your look should go towards the raised arm
    • Do not worry if you do not have enough elasticity you can rest your hand on the leg or on the foot if you do not reach the ground.
    • It is very important to keep your back straight. Do not forget to rotate the support arm and change the leg in front

    3. The posture of the Upside down Dog

    The upside down dog pose is a perfect yoga posture for high and middle back pain. It stretches the entire spine and improves blood circulation in this area. It also has other advantages such as strengthening muscles and improving flexibility, especially of the legs. Above all, we have to stay with the objective we are looking for knowing how to relieve back pain and even neck pain.

    • If this position costs you a bit, you can bend your legs a little, but your back always has to be straight.
    • Do not bend too much to avoid back contractures.
    • Keep your hips as high as possible to take advantage of this position to stretch also the lower back.
  • 4. Cat and cow posture

  • After the first three positions, that was standing, touch the floor. For this, we recommend these two yoga postures for fundamental beginners to take care of your back. The idea is to make this position on a soft surface or on a yoga mat so as not to hurt the knees and the instep of the feet. These two postures consist of arching the back and neck according to the posture of the cat or posture of the feline or the posture of the cow.

    • In the posture of the cat, you will have to arch the column upwards while keeping your head down.
    • Do not forget to push hard with your arms to separate the scapulae.
    • Raise the thoracic and cervical vertebrae. It is one of the best yoga exercises for high back pain.
    • You have to do just the opposite: raise your head, arch your back down and relax your arms.
    • To do this back exercise properly, you must alternate slowly between these two positions to the rhythm of your deep breaths. It inspires in the position of the roof rack and exhales in the position of the cat.  Alternating between these two postures is ideal to relieve back pain.
    • It tenses and relaxes the back in all heights as you alternate between the posture of the cat and the posture of the cow.
  • 5. The posture of the dog up or ascending dog

  • The position of the dog on the back or the dog up is one of the best yoga exercises for lower back pain relief. You just have to see how the lower back arches. Do not confuse with the position of the cobra.

    • The legs and hips are in suspension all the weight need to distribute between the arms and the supporting feet.
    • Once again, the back should be straight. The lower back should be arched but do not force it each one has its limits and with practice, you can arch it more.
    • A detail that very few people realize is the position of the shoulders.
    • The shoulders do not have to rise thus strengthening the shoulder and shoulder muscles while stretching the abdomen and chest.

    6. The exercise position of the grasshopper 

    It is very similar to the position of the grasshopper. This position is one of the best yoga exercises to strengthen the back, especially for the lower part of this. If you are looking for yoga exercises for lower back pain, this position cannot be missing. It only relieves lumbar pain but it is the best yoga posture for low back pain. The position of the grasshopper not only eliminates back pain but also it is a very powerful exercise to strengthen the area. So surely it will prevent injuries and pains in the future.

    • You will only have to lie on your stomach
    • Lift your chest and legs to rest on the floor only your hips and lower abdomen.
    • You need resistance to endure this position
    • Therefore, it is convenient to rest every little time and repeat the position
  • 7. Twist yoga posture

  • You could not miss a twisting position among the yoga exercises to remove the back pain that we recommend. The position is the one chosen for being the easiest to perform and for its incredible improvements in the lumbar and middle back. It is perfect to continue after position number. With this posture, you will release the tensions of the entire spine in the upper part by having it completely straight, in the middle part and low by the torsion. It is even likely that you notice a snap in the vertebrae with the consequent muscle relaxation that occurs.

    • The position consists of the following:
    • Lie on your back with one leg bent.
    • Turn the hip to bring the bent leg to the opposite side so that the knee touches the ground
    • Hold that leg so the knee does not come off the ground.
    • Turn the upper trunk so that it is completely facing up or even to the side opposite to where the knee is resting
    • Do the same with the other leg.

    8. The position of the child

    The child's posture is the last upside-down posture of this routine to eliminate back pain. A relaxation posture is perfect to release the tension of previous positions and deconstruct the back. This position is of pure relaxation, so it is convenient to make them as a rest between postures as we have decided to show it in this position. The position of the child is not complicated and anyone can do it. Even so, it is convenient to do it on a mat or even put a yoga block or a bolster to support the head if you feel uncomfortable. The benefits are clear, relieving tension from the entire back, relieving neck and shoulder pain, and entering a deeper state of relaxation.

  • 9. Yoga posture knees to the chest

  • Well, you are also going to love it. Practically the same only face up. Make sure you have a mat or at least a yoga towel to do it because if you do not hurt yourself by supporting the vertebrae on the floor. Hold your knees so they reach the chest and take deep breaths. The benefits are the same as for the child's posture but without hurting the knees.

  • 10. Yoga fish posture

  • This posture will depend on the level of flexibility of the yogi. It consists of arching the back upwards while lying on your back to support the top of the head and buttocks. There are two variants: one with the legs stretched and one with the legs in the position of the lotus flower. Do the one that is most comfortable for you to relieve middle and lower back pain it is great.

    Benefit of Yoga

    Final thoughts

    We have even incorporated 10 postures of yoga to get rid from the back pain. You can do them anywhere without materials and notice an improvement in the back in the question of seconds. Go to a personal trainer if you have doubts about any position. It is also advisable to stretch before and after the postures. Finally, do not hesitate to follow this exercise and thanks for viewing these yoga exercises for back pain ideas. Read more- Yoga Exercise for Beginner at Home

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