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The Combo Yoga Mat With Cheap Price

People always have a great desire for classy and gorgeous products. Sometimes the appearance of a product means a great deal for us. It attracts us. Now let me tell you, YOGA DESIGN LAB THE COMBO YOGA MAT is a kind of a mat that leave no stone unturned to impress us with its attractive look. In fact, this gorgeous yoga mat is designed to inspire people to do hot yoga and the yogis to practice more. We can’t deny the fact that we always have a great craving for eye-catching things. So, Yoga design lab used our mindset to inspire us. I do thank them for their innovative idea. But at the same time, good-looking isn’t the only one thing we desire as consumers, the quality and functionalities matter more. So, now I will review the functionalities to this classy yoga mat. So, join the quest and know, can this yoga mat make a good impression with its features also?


YOGA DESIGN LAB THE COMBO YOGA MAT Specific features Review:

  • Performance: As I mentioned before, it designed to inspire consumers’ hot yoga. And hot yoga demands a non-slip grip. The YDL towel ensures that. Here I want to remind you, it’s a towel and yoga mat in one. It’s an advantage as you don’t have to bring mat and towel to exercise. Move on, the top layer of this yoga mat made from absorbent microfiber and the bottom layer of this yoga mat towel made from eco-friendly, natural tree rubber. Both of the features ensure that you get an excellent grip on any surface safely. More importantly, the combination of yoga and mat get sticky when it is wet.

  • Durable & lightweight: The durability of this yoga mat deservers appreciating. It holds up pretty well. The bottom layer always remains sticky to the floor that you will be mistaken that it’s your first time. Even if you use it for a long time, the yoga mat remains new.

The weight is 4.1lb. So, it’s pretty lightweight than other yoga mats. It’s a travel-friendly yoga mat.

  • Measure: This yoga design lab travel mat is 70 in long, 24 in wide and the thickness is 3.5mm. A comfortable carry strap would be added to this deal. Luckily, the rings are very adjustable and tight. The measure is completely suitable for men, women, and kids beginners, intermediate and advanced,

  • Easy Caring: This is yoga mat is super easy to care. It’s machine washable, also with a mild detergent. Then hang for dry. No chance to fade away. Caution: I don’t recommend to use bleaching.

Design: This yoga mat is designed with abstract patterns and vibrant colors. It looks divine; it will attract you in a positive way that you always look forward to using it. These lively colors shaped with water-based ink. More importantly, it will never fade away. Luckily, it’s also Eco-friendly yoga mat.



  • Durable, free carrying strap.
  • No chance of moving or bunching.

  • Extra cushion adds comfort.

  • Stability, and firm grip.
  • Stability, and firm grip.
  • Travel-friendly, quick dry

  • Non-fade prints and colors.

  • Reversible and Sustainable.

  • Environment-friendly.

  • A cheap travel yoga mat

  • Ideal for Hot Yoga, and Pilates 

  • Bikram yoga mat.

The wetter this mat gets, the better it works. So, if you aren’t a sweaty person, the surface could be slippery. As we know, this Bikram yoga mat is super excellent in hot yoga. So, it designed that way. But the solution is super simple.  Just spray lightly a few drops of water before your yoga scission. And the problem is solved.


Overall Ideas:

Well, we get a detailed overview of yoga design lab travel mat. So, we found out, this eco-friendly yoga mat just not only pretty yoga mat but also a functional mat. If I compare quality and price, I believe it’s a show steal. The price is under $70 (the moment I am writing), additionally, you are getting a yoga towel and carrying strap. The features of this yoga design lab travel mat are pretty impressive. This cheap travel yoga mat is highly recommended for hot yoga. The design and color are so refreshing and appealing; it will always add value and inspiration to yoga adventure. One thing will definitely happen, your friends and neighbors won’t feel tired to give compliments for this appealing yoga mat.

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