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Toplus Best Anti Slip Hot Yoga Mat For Travel

Toplus Yoga Mat

Yoga is known in everywhere as a discipline to allow the combination of spirit and body. By doing it frequently, you feel good in your spirit and with your body. The body becomes loose, strong and toned with prating Yoga. It feels relaxed, safer, relaxed and less stressed. TOPLUS is a Yoga Travel mat was designed to give maximum traction rather than cushioning. TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat is the perfect yoga mat for moving yogis and for those looking for a closer contact with the ground. It is the travel yoga mat made of natural rubber extremely supporter on both sides. That provides an incomparable non-slip surface.


Anti-slip mat: TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat prepared by natural suede, the more sweat is absorbed, the more non-slip it is suitable for hot yoga.

Dimensions: This folding mat can accompany you in all your sessions. The most adherent yoga mat dimension is 173 mm x 61 mm and 1/16 inches thick with pure rubber. The Folding square dimension 8 inches X 12 inches option let it easier to carry.

Material: This mat contains the Suede material eco-friendly material non-toxic rubber both sides. The Material is perfect for soft yoga to give priority to comfort, ankles, joints, to protect knees also for upside down positions.

TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat has a thickness only 1/16 inches, which allows it to be folded and stored in a suitcase or even in carry-on baggage. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can take it anywhere your journey will take you. We would like to give only a sign for its proper use. This folding yoga mat has designed to afford maximum traction, rather than cushioning.

As for skin, it will give you amazing sensations, and like all the mats of the Element line, the TOPLUS Travel Yoga Mat has natural rubber. Free of heavy chemicals, metals, chemicals, PVC or other potentially hazardous synthetic plastic materials. The exceptional grip makes Mat Element the anti-slip yoga mat ideal for intense and dynamic yoga styles.  The open cell construction means the strength remains optimal even in conditions of high sweating, to escort you to the end of the practice in overall safety.

It has a small number of artificial substances. It assures confirmation of the fact no chemical agents used during the production process. It is a natural rubber mat and this makes it sensitive to sunlight. To ensure maximum durability helps to fold softly. We recommend this is not necessary to keep it rolled up in a dry and sheltered place.

Toplus yoga mat


  • Thanks to its small folded bulk and lightweight, it is recommended particularly as a travel yoga mat.
  • You can fold up this Yoga mat with no trouble because it is only 1/16 inches thick
  • It is approaching with the beautiful carrying bag so it is an ideal travel yoga mat.
  • It fits directly on the ground, for maximum grip in difficult positions.
  • Suede Fabric yoga mat tends to absorb the surface sweat and moisture instantly to make sure hygiene and protection.
  • You can use this thin yoga mat by yourself.
  • This can be cleaned by machine with no trouble


  • It is not recommended for use on rough surfaces, because they would warn all imperfections. So, you do not need to use it on rough surfaces, because it would increase the risk that the mat will ruin.
  • The natural smell of rubber disappears over time and with washes.
Toplus hot yoga mat


This mat folds square, to go to yoga class or to pack it. To put it away it is better to roll it up, to make sure that no traces of wrinkles are formed on the rubber. Do not leave dry natural rubber under the sun and lose its grip properties. Generally, a wet cloth is sufficient to clean it. For a deeper cleaning, it is possible to clean it in cold water with a mild detergent. We recommend drying it lying down and not in direct sunlight. For being made of natural raw materials this can formulate it sensitive to a procedure of temporary oxidation, they may show clearer or even almost white areas.  For a longer life of your travel yoga mat, choose hand-washing system to washing machine and absolutely avoid the dryer.

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